Monthly Archives: September 2011

________ Capitalism?

_________Capitalism? Project    The project offers a unique opportunity to bring the work of often subversive and anti authoritarian political artists into the “lion’s den” of the economic and political elite. It is a rare chance to generate cultural debate on themes often overlooked by more mainstream institutions. For Street Art, location is everything; context […]


Escif is one of our favourite street artists that tells it how it is. With global governments trying to find an exit from the economic crisis by creating more currency to bail out the system again, its pretty obvious how this is gonna end…   From the Fame Festival

Liu Bolin Fades Away

China is renowned for its harsh restrictions on personal expression as well as its surveillance culture. Recently we have seen radical artist Ai Weiwei detained for his outspoken commentaries about the Chinese state and its systematic repression. Artist Liu Bolin’s studio was shut down by the Chinese authorities in 2005 and since then he has […]

Hacking The Big Screen

Intervention on media screen, Manchester City Centre // LOL Manchester city centre has seen an influx of new large scale media screens that bleet at passing pedestrians 24 hours a day. Gateway Media own and operate the majority. Some of our nocturnal heroes targeted their flagship screen on the Piccadilly approach. Standing 10 storeys high, […]

Brandalism – Billboard Liberation

Seen in the streets… Manchester, UK. ‘We all know the Windows blue screen of death, it strikes when you least expect it – normally half way through your favourite episode of Dawson’s Crack. Unfortunately, in the city there are no reboots or escapes, no little buttons to remove all the unwanted ads from your vision, […]

Brandalism – ‘McClegg with Lies’

Classic subvertising action right here from our good friends shift//delete With all the crazy shit that is going down in the British government at the moment – devatating cuts; bailouts; denial that the financial system is actually going to keep working and the sordid little sex parties that we keep hearing about in the House […]