Monthly Archives: October 2011

Street Art in Libya…

42 Years in the making…     After 42 years of creative repression in Libya there has been a huge rise in graffiti and street art murals across the country that frame the recent changes that have swept the country as Muammar Gaddafi was forced from power. A lot of the imagery that now adorns […]

TerrorWrist – ‘Sign of the Times’, OccupyLSX, London

UK street artist and urban interventionist TerrorWrist hit up the London Stock Exchange this weekend as the OccupyLSX kicked off… #OccupyLSX saw over 5ooo people gather at the gates of the city’s financial centre on Saturday demanding an end to shady financial practices and demanding that things start to change towards a truly global democracy […]

Meanwhile Downtown…

How & Nosm go big in L.A as part of the Freewalls project… “The fact that this mural exists contrary to any official public art policy in Los Angeles is a miracle, and is testament to the courage, will and determination of everyone involved in the project” says Daniel Lahoda, who’s LA freewalls project has […]

The Sound & The System

On a stormy day in Manchester, the city’s sound system crews came out from the depths and onto a piece of wasteland in Salford for the first rig shoot and all out takeover. Such a sick day… Shouts and respects due: Drum Music // MOF // Neuron // Underground Roots // Dub Smugglers // DrumRoots […]

Shift//Delete – ’100 Days of Active Resistance’ published…

Shift//Delete in print… Upper Space artists Shift//Delete have just had their first work published in ’100 Days of Active Resistance’. Published by Vivienne Westwood, ’100 Days of Active Resistance’ will see all proceeds going to charity. Go grab a copy from any decent book retailer and take a look inside for some visual inspiration on […]

New Artist // Eyesaw joins U.S

Eyesaw Joins the Upper Space Upper Space is pleased to announce that Eyesaw has joined the Upper Space collective. Expect more of his killer subvertisings to be added over the coming months as he breaks out the pens, scalpels and tools to get busy. We are also super excited about the collaboration rumours that are […]

The 99%

These last few weeks have seen some exciting things happening in the heart of the American money machine – Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street¬†is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many genders, colours and political persuasions. The one thing they have in common is that they are The 99% that will no longer tolerate […]

The Revolution of Everyday Life

Once stretching over half a mile, and calling out to commuters along the Hammersmith and City line, as they made their daily trek, all that is left of this King Mob graffiti are these pasted together photographs. However the sloganeering remains as powerful and relevant today…     Reminds us of the Situationist inspired writings […]