________ Capitalism?

_________Capitalism? Project 


The project offers a unique opportunity to bring the work of often subversive and anti authoritarian political artists into the “lion’s den” of the economic and political elite. It is a rare chance to generate cultural debate on themes often overlooked by more mainstream institutions. For Street Art, location is everything; context and content are ultimately the most measurable difference between what is written on a bathroom wall and what is placed on the street.



This project offers one of the most ideal locations to engage with themes that explore the nature between art and economics, NGO’s and business, humanities and science, idealism and the cold harsh realities of some free market economic theories.“_____ Capitalism?” is set to be the world’s first site-specific Street Art exhibition whose themes are already firmly contextualized by the actual walls the work is to be produced on. The work featured in “______ capitalism?” will be emblematic of a topical shift in contemporary art practice away from the glare of the “White Cube” and consensus based public art, to a more direct interventionist strategy of placing normally unmediated and unsanctioned works in urban environments.



From Ad busting critiques to political and polemical murals, “______capitalism?” aims to present for the wider public, the opportunity to engage with an institution that sits at the heart of most of our futures. Street Art is also ideally placed to question the hegemony of consensus based public art and the cooption of our public spaces, often “public” only in name, for corporate profit.



More project details and photos here