Ever since his emergence, Epos’ art has been closely linked to our urbanistic surroundings.

He’s been a graffiti artist from an early age but his shadow outgrew this a long time ago and he is now fully engaged with creating art in public space. He nevertheless remains faithful to his origins and takes advantage of unscrupulous principles in ‘don’t ask, just do it’ style. However, freedom and a certain form of humility are very important in his approach to the reformed. Some of his most significant works deal with allusions at the universally shared reality.

1996– arrested by the police for the first time, based on §257 law no. 140/19961 of the criminal code, dealt with as underage (5 hours at a police station)

1999– interrogated on the basis of an anonymous report in the neighbourhood. The subject of the interrogation: graffiti (1 hour at a police station)

2001– arrested (3 hours at a police station) and subsequently tried for the first time for malicious mischief on the property of another, based on §257, section b)

2001– arrested and charged based on §257, section b), unsubstantiatiated (held at a police station from midnight until early morning hours)

2005– arrested (whole night at a police station) subsequently sentenced and fined, based on §257, section b)

In the period between 1996 and 2006 arrested several times on the street in suspicion of commiting a crime based on §257, section b). Unsubstantiated, released straight away.

Selected Exhibitions