Leon grew up in Cincinatti before attending Pratt Institute, Brooklyn and Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London. Leon is widely thought of as one of the pioneers of 21st Century street art.

In his early career as a VERBS, Leon would adorn the down town areas of Brooklyn with graffiti pieces that spoke to the viewer with a positive message. Often adopting the work wear of city construction workers, Leon began to install his own unique street furniture within the public realm. Joining him at this time was Brad Downey, and the ‘Darius & Downey’ partnership was to become pivotal to their development as street art pioneers. As Darius Jones, Leon IV developed a lyrical, romantic quality that separated further from his works as VERBS. Moreover, he leapt from a primarily aerosol based genre to work increasingly with steel, pushing the limits of 3-Dimensional street art, a then scantily explored possibility of the art form. Furthermore, by providing official titles to his illegal works such as ‘Fleur D’Acier and ‘The Kiss’, Leon IV urged the public to consider his works as more than random acts of vandalism. Leon has installed both legal and illegal works across Europe and the US.