Artist Mark Wigan first gained recognition in the early 1980′s for his illustrations for NME and iD magazine. Many of Wigan’s projects have taken place in Japan including the launch of his own chain of ‘art to wear’ merchandise shops. Other commissions have included murals for nightclubs and city expos, set designs for TV shows and animation for TV commercials. Career highlights have included painting murals at London and New York’s Limelight clubs at Andy Warhol’s suggestion (who described Wigan’s work as ‘hot’), promoting his own clubs The Brain and the Love Ranch as well as exhibiting paintings at galleries all over the world including The Circulo des Belles Artes in Madrid and Spiral Hall in Tokyo. Some of Wigan’s thousands of polaroid night club portraits many of which were published in iD magazine.

Cult artist Mark Wigan has been transcribing the bizarre habits and mutant creatures of the city’s sub culture into complex and beautiful patterns since the mid eighties. Taking a cue from Aboriginal art, his colourful, dancing shapes are both decoration and information, mapping out a hidden landscape and yeilding secret signs to the initiated. While early work drew family trees linking punk, hip hop, wag club trendies and goth tribes, he later embraced rave culture and became its favoured chronicler.


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