Shift//Delete are urban interventionists based in the UK. Their work merges the borders between the arts, social and the political and explores central narratives of social and environmental justice. Consumerism and anti-capitalist statements feature heavily in their practice.

Shift//Delete are committed to exploring non-commercial public realm interventions and installations that question our relationships with the built environment. As insurgent art activists they adopt the methodologies of guerilla warfare and their work intersects the boundaries of urban intervention, detournement and brandalism. Installed anonymously as gifts to society, their art works often subvert spaces traditionally associated with commodity exchange and therefore cannot be commercialized.

Shift//Delete believe that via situated practices and public realm interventions, art retains the energy of agency within lived experience and, in that space, can reconnect art’s ethical responsibilities to its aesthetic responsibilities. They hope their interventions create discursive spaces within the public sphere, to aid self-constitution as a public whose opinions bear on the organisation of society. Recently their practice has evolved to explore ways of not just making political art but making art politically, with a focus on ‘community as a work of art’, to aid the cooperative shaping of society.

Selected Exhibitions


Cultural Hijack // A survey of provocative interventions from across the globe, AA Gallery, London


Artaq // An international exhibition of public realm art, Espace Commines, Paris

Home // Street art meets social justice, Islington Mill, Manchester

Selected Publications

100 Days of Active Resistance, Vivienne Westwood, Damani, 2011


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