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Upper Space joins Eroles at Frackanpada international anti-fracking camp (13 – 19 July 2015)

Frackanapada’: an international anti-fracking camp set in the foothills of the Basque country attracted around 600 people for seven days of workshops, discussions, food, music, strategy and protest against the extreme energy industry. Activists from Spain, Algeria, France, Brazil, Germany, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania and Kurdistan united with Basque activists to build face-to-face […]

Creative action for climate justice: 18 actions against the fossil fuel industry

Blockades, shutdowns, lock-ons, love-ins, tripods and nanas…..Reclaim the Power’s day of action against the fossil fuel industry today (1 June 2015) saw 18 different actions drawing the dots between big energy firms, government ministers, public relations companies, oil arts sponsorship and the fracking industry. Let’s take a run-down of the day’s events… Action 1: 9.04am […]

‘War by media and the triumph of propaganda’ – John Pilger


  ‘War by media and the triumph of propaganda’ Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers? Why are young journalists not taught to […]

Politika // Emergency (Emergencia)


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City has questioned some of the problematic aspects of capitalism. Throughout our programme we have brought in creative individuals and organisations who seek to use art for the greater good in the current state of emergency and engage participants in action. Tracey Moberly // The Art of […]

Politika // Sustainability in the City


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City has been an examination of the effects of capitalism on the world we live in.  Within that, we thought it was important to examine environmental damage and strategies towards a sustainable future or alternative ways of living. We hosted a number of community workshops to teach […]

Politika // Activism in the Digital Age


Our Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City exhibition features works by a number of artists who work on digital platforms. In contemporary society it is essential for activists to recognise the potential of technology as a tool for engagement and a way to intervene. Through our programme we wanted to expose participants […]

Politika // Capitalism Works for Me?


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City has sought to question capitalism and create debate around its effectiveness in modern day society. We wanted to look at alternatives to a consumerist system and question the ideals presented within it. Works exhibited pose a challenge to capitalism and we were able to take a […]

Politika // Ancoats


During ‘Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City’ we’ve been fortunate enough to work very closely with many residents of Ancoats and the Ancoats Dispensary Trust.  It was important to us that the exhibition and programme were held in the area because of its history as the world’s first industrial suburb. Politika looks […]

POLITIKA // ‘Advertising Shits In Your Head’ – by Bill Posters


Intro: Amongst the artworks on display at Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City, Brandalism’s Bill Posters presents a previously unreleased video piece amongst the large scale, silk screen prints that have survived the latest onslaught by advertising corporations to remove them from public space earlier this year. Here Bill shares some theory […]

Sunday 28th // Emergencia Presents…


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City // Day 10 For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats. Exploring the art of activism, EMERGENCIA discuss the urgency for change & the emergence of a new type of uprising in the digital age. ‘Read Our Own Reality’ Workshop with Dan […]

Saturday 27th // Sustainability in the City


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City Day 9 For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats. Join us on Saturday 27th September as we examine sustainability in the city.  We will not only give you an insight into innovative, contemporary projects; but will also be running a number […]

Ztohoven speak at Politika on 24th September 2014

The Moral Reform

  The Moral Reform Ztohoven are exhibiting their work, ‘The Moral Reform’ at the Engine Room as part of Politika: Art & the Affairs of the City. On 24th September 2014, members of the group will be joining us in the gallery to discuss their work. ‘Moral Reform’: “A parliamentary drama of 223 persons and […]

Politika Launch // Highlights


Friday 19th September 2014 On Friday night we launched our new exhibition, Politika: Art & the Affairs of the City, in the Engine Room Gallery.  The launch’s music was provided by Mind on Fire, OneFiveEight, Groovement and Endless City. Located in an old converted mill in Ancoats, the exhibition examines activism and socio-politics by various, […]

Thursday 25th


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City: Day 7 Please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats. Daylight Shrubbery 3pm – 5pm On this Urban Foraging walk run by David Winnard of Manchester, discover what edible foods there are to be found in urban environments such as Ancoats. We will be taking […]

Wednesday 24th // Activism in the Digital Age


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City // Day 5 For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats. On Wednesday evening, as part of Politika, we will be examining how activism is moving forward in the digital age.  Join us to engage with leading, innovative arts activists in a […]

Monday 22nd

herbert read

Politika- Art & the Affiars of the City: Day 3 For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats. Anna Minton Talk 6pm Come join us for a presentation by revolutionary journalist, Anna Minton, writer of “Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the 21st Century City” . The book is centred around issues […]

Sunday 21st // Capitalism Work for Me?


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City // Day 3 For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats. Join us on Sunday as we explore how capitalism effects politics and contemporary society.  With presentations and interventions, don’t miss this chance to increase your awareness and take back control. Robin […]

Saturday 20th // Celebrating Ancoats Day


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City // Day 2 For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats. Ancoats is the world’s first industrial suburb and a place in which Upper Space has found its home and launched its new exhibition space, The Engine Room.  We want to celebrate […]

As part of #Politika we welcome Robin Hood Minor Asset Management who are visiting the UK for the first time. Sign up for a one to one appointment with founder Jan Ritsema on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September.

Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative (RHMAM) is an asset management cooperative, based in Finland and owned by its members. They take pride in their Parasite Algorithm, which “identifies successful transactions by riding the coattails of successful investors.” Profits are then shared with “Robin Hood Projects,” including “grants for creative work, no interest loans, or anything else,” to be determined by the members of the cooperative.

Robin Hood Minor Asset Management

“Robin Hood is a counter investment cooperative of the precariat. Our business is minor asset management.”

Sign up for your chance to have a one to one chat with founder Jan Ritsema as part of an interactive installation in the gallery.

Slots are available between on Saturday 20th September (12pm – 5pm), and Sunday 21st September (12pm – 4pm) , before Jan delivers a presentation about RHMAM on Sunday evening.

We are looking for people from arts, academic, community, finance, charity and third sector networks to join Jan for an appointment in the gallery:

book your appointment now:

Announcement // Chilean Artist ‘Papas Fritas’ Joins Politika


 Introduction: In May of 2014, Chilean artist Francisco Tapia – the artist known as ‘Papas Fritas’, garnered worldwide notoriety when he burned roughly $500 million of student loans contracts from the corrupt Universidad del Mar, and freed students from their debt. Upper Space is pleased to announce that Tapia will be an exhibiting artist at our […]

Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City


Contributing artists: Peter Kennard (UK) // Epos257 (CZ) // Ztohoven (CZ) // Chim-Pom (JP) // VOINA (RU) // Francisco Tapia (CHI) // Shift//Delete (UK) // Brandalism (UK+) // WochenKlausur (AT) // Bill Posters (UK) // Franck Allais (FR) // Leah Borromeo (UK) // Tracey Moberly // Steve Lambert (US) // Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative (FI) // The Vacuum Cleaner (UK) //  John Beieler (US) // Peter McNaughey (UK) // Ben Parry (UK) // Ed Hall (UK) + citizens of Manchester. Introduction: Upper […]

Upper Space – EPOS257 Residency (video)


Epos 257 – Urban Shoot Painting   Epos257 joined Upper Space last year for our first artist in residence programme. Here is the four part documentary showing the artist development and implementation of his ‘Urban Shoot Painting’ project.   You can see the process and final results of Epos’ residency with Upper Space in more […]

Upper Space @ Cultural Hijack, AA Gallery, London

Cultural Hijack

Featuring works by: Zevs,  Ztohoven,  Zoe Young,  Krzysztof Wodiczko, Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf,  Voina, Upper Space,  Gregory Sholette,  Danny Shine,  Michael Rakowitz, Ben Parry & Peter McCaughey, Tatzu Nishi,  Renzo Martens,  Knit the City, Peter Kennard,  Laura Keeble,  Allan Kaprow, John Jordan, Tushar Joag,  International Peripatetic Sculptors Society,  Space Hijackers,  Paul Harfleet,  EPOS 257, Electronic Disturbance Theater, […]

Upper Space @ ‘Cultural Hijack’ Exhibition


Upper Space is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting some previous interventions at the AA Gallery in London as part of the ‘Cultural Hijack’ exhibition this April. Artists exhibiting include the likes of ZEVS,  Krzysztov Wodiczko, Laura Keeble, Allan Kaprow, and our good friends Ztohoven, Space Hijackers and Peter Kennard for an exhibition that is a survey of public realm and […]

Bill Posters targets the Chancellor


PRESS RELEASE: Bill Posters responds to the financial budget 2013-14 12:30pm today sees the new financial budget delivered in parliament for the UK. In response to this Upper Space has commissioned the following intervention.

Dan Birkbeck feature – Now Then Magazine…


Upper Space artist Dan Birkbeck takes over the new edition of Now Then magazine… Now Then. One of the best regional arts and (sub)culture magazines approached Dan in November last year, and asked if he would be willing to put pen to paper for some illustrations for a future edition. These have just hit the […]

Upper Space is growing…Apply now!

  Upper Space is looking for 6 new artists / facilitators to join our crew… Deadline for Applications – 5pm // 11th January, 2013. Calling all artists mischief makers, schemers and rebels… Upper Space is an award winning public realm arts organisation that works with some of the world’s best street artists… In February 2013 […]

Upper Space artists // Artaq 2012 Awards

Two of Upper Space’s flagship artists have received nominations and special mentions as part of the Artaq 2012 Urban Art Awards.  Eyesaw & Bill Posters were among 50 artists from around the world that have been chosen to take part in the project. All artists are due to have their works published in the Artaq […]

Death of the NHS // Culture Jamming // Dr.D

Dr.D – one of theUK’s best and most loved subvertisers has been up to his old tricks again however this time it is the NHS that is the focus for the latest intervention… The installation on Old Street in London went up today so if you are in the area get down and check it […]

Subvertisers target the Big 6 energy companies…

Billboards in Manchester were reclaimed and transformed this weekend as anger against the Big 6 energy companies rises. Upper Space was on the scene to see what was going down and why. Our heating and electric bills are going up up up, now i think about it, these energy companies…   DIY modifications were made […]

New Via Grafik print // ‘Revolution je t’aime’

‘Ho ho ho – now i have a machine gun’ – John McClane, Die Hard, 1998 Alright folks, so christmas is coming… Cliff Richard lingers in the air like a vengeful fart…Your nan is sharpening her narcolepsy ready for big meal times… Mad pressures to show how much you love people with shit they will […]

Upper Space artists win the CUBEOpen 2011 Competition

  Upper Space artists Shift//Delete have won the Cube Gallery’s annual CUBEOpen competition 2011.  Launched in 2007, artists, architects and designers are invited to apply with work that reflects current trends and debates surrounding the spaces and places in which we live. Each year the exhibition highlights contemporary insights into the urban environment.  The CUBEOpen […]

QRadio by Sweza…

  QRadio is the latest project by Berlin based artist SWEZA, it is an interactive Street Art piece in the streets of Berlin. Use your smartphone as a cassette tape and make the Boom Box work. Click to play… Beat tape 1 [cincopa AUCA_wKPK9iD] More great works from Sweza

Street Art in Libya…

42 Years in the making…     After 42 years of creative repression in Libya there has been a huge rise in graffiti and street art murals across the country that frame the recent changes that have swept the country as Muammar Gaddafi was forced from power. A lot of the imagery that now adorns […]

ShiftDelete – ‘Sign of the Times’, OccupyLSX, London

UK street artist and urban interventionists Shift//Delete hit up the London Stock Exchange this weekend as the OccupyLSX kicked off… #OccupyLSX saw over 5ooo people gather at the gates of the city’s financial centre on Saturday demanding an end to shady financial practices and demanding that things start to change towards a truly global democracy – […]

Meanwhile Downtown…

How & Nosm go big in L.A as part of the Freewalls project… “The fact that this mural exists contrary to any official public art policy in Los Angeles is a miracle, and is testament to the courage, will and determination of everyone involved in the project” says Daniel Lahoda, who’s LA freewalls project has […]

The Sound & The System

On a stormy day in Manchester, the city’s sound system crews came out from the depths and onto a piece of wasteland in Salford for the first rig shoot and all out takeover. Such a sick day… Shouts and respects due: Drum Music // MOF // Neuron // Underground Roots // Dub Smugglers // DrumRoots […]

Shift//Delete – ’100 Days of Active Resistance’ published…

Shift//Delete in print… Upper Space artists Shift//Delete have just had their first work published in ’100 Days of Active Resistance’. Published by Vivienne Westwood, ’100 Days of Active Resistance’ will see all proceeds going to charity. Go grab a copy from any decent book retailer and take a look inside for some visual inspiration on […]

New Artist // Eyesaw joins U.S

Eyesaw Joins the Upper Space Upper Space is pleased to announce that Eyesaw has joined the Upper Space collective. Expect more of his killer subvertisings to be added over the coming months as he breaks out the pens, scalpels and tools to get busy. We are also super excited about the collaboration rumours that are […]

The 99%

These last few weeks have seen some exciting things happening in the heart of the American money machine – Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many genders, colours and political persuasions. The one thing they have in common is that they are The 99% that will no longer tolerate […]

The Revolution of Everyday Life

Once stretching over half a mile, and calling out to commuters along the Hammersmith and City line, as they made their daily trek, all that is left of this King Mob graffiti are these pasted together photographs. However the sloganeering remains as powerful and relevant today…     Reminds us of the Situationist inspired writings […]

________ Capitalism?

_________Capitalism? Project    The project offers a unique opportunity to bring the work of often subversive and anti authoritarian political artists into the “lion’s den” of the economic and political elite. It is a rare chance to generate cultural debate on themes often overlooked by more mainstream institutions. For Street Art, location is everything; context […]


Escif is one of our favourite street artists that tells it how it is. With global governments trying to find an exit from the economic crisis by creating more currency to bail out the system again, its pretty obvious how this is gonna end…   From the Fame Festival

Liu Bolin Fades Away

China is renowned for its harsh restrictions on personal expression as well as its surveillance culture. Recently we have seen radical artist Ai Weiwei detained for his outspoken commentaries about the Chinese state and its systematic repression. Artist Liu Bolin’s studio was shut down by the Chinese authorities in 2005 and since then he has […]

Hacking The Big Screen

Intervention on media screen, Manchester City Centre // LOL Manchester city centre has seen an influx of new large scale media screens that bleet at passing pedestrians 24 hours a day. Gateway Media own and operate the majority. Some of our nocturnal heroes targeted their flagship screen on the Piccadilly approach. Standing 10 storeys high, […]

Brandalism – Billboard Liberation

Seen in the streets… Manchester, UK. ‘We all know the Windows blue screen of death, it strikes when you least expect it – normally half way through your favourite episode of whatever. Unfortunately, in the city there are no reboots or escapes, no little buttons to remove all the unwanted ads from your vision, so […]