2008 // 15th August – 19th September

The ‘Full Circle’ exhibition launched with a full 3 day event bringing together all four elements of hip-hop in our unique warehouse space in the city centre. ‘Full Circle’ is inspired by the recent imprisonment of Britain’s DPM crew for conspiracy to cause criminal damage, and showcases the crew’s work that has been sent straight from their prison cells. For the show, five members of the DPM crew – who were recently sentenced to between 18-24 months in jail for vandalism, sent works from prison for the show as Upper Space highlights the difference between accepted and unaccepted sides of Graffiti art.

Alongside the sketches from DPM, the exhibition showcases work from the North West’s most prolific writers and artists, including Kelzo, Krek, Mers, Luna, Casm, Onek, 30Dz, Replete, Prime and more. The launch saw over 600 people through the doors, with a similar amount attending the following day’s graf jam – ‘Barely Legal’, where the remaining members of DPM were rocking tribute pieces to the artists who have been imprisoned. In the gallery, a full programme was on offer, featuring some of Manchester’s best hip-hop DJs, MCs and breakers.

Over 30 artists rocked pieces on our outside walls and shutters, highlighting the need for a legal wall in Manchester City Centre.