Shift//Delete, Interventions in bus shelters, Manchester, 2011.



note  - rug at the front of the intervention contains text of a leaked memo from Communities minister Eric Pickles:

‘changes to the housing benefit system could see 40,000 families lose their homes’





Foreclosure: ‘this week over 600 families will have their homes repossessed by the same banks that caused the financial crisis’


Artist Statement:

In response to the sweeping ideological cuts that came from the UK government in response to the financial crisis, the Supporting people fund that should look after the most vulnerable members in society was all but demolished. To raise awareness and create agency, we have worked alongside young homeless people from the city of Manchester in the creation of ‘Boom & Bust’ as part of the Home project. Two public realm interventions that creatively highlighted the effects of government policies on those most at risk.





Regional press exposure:

- Manchester Evening News

National Press:

- Daily Mail

- Daily Mirror