Brick Wall // Epos257

Intervention in advertising space,139 house bricks and mortar, Manchester, 2011



Epos257 is a fan of permanent interventions – ‘additions’ to the environments in which he works. Epos257 joined us in Manchester for our launch project ‘Home’ as artists and young homeless people critically assessed and created works in response to the British government’s strategy for reducing the deficit by cutting social spending and by further increasing the gap between haves and have-nots. The project saw collaborative interventions across the city of Manchester.

‘Brick Wall’ is an artistic response to the current situation faced by 99% of citizens in the UK. British banks were bailed out by £850 billion. Where is our bailout? The average person in the UK is now paying up to £26,500 towards the continuation of this corporate culture.

Unlawfully installed in Manchester city centre in August 2011,  ’Brick Wall’ was a site specific intervention situated in an advertising space. Opposite the Civil Justice centre – the home of the British Justice system in Manchester, ‘Brick Wall is a visual reminder of what it is like for the 99% as justice and democracy fail.

‘Brick Wall’ – Epos257

139 house bricks & mortar, Civil Justice Centre, Manchester, 2011.