Shift//Delete, Urban intervention in advertising space, Manchester, 2011


Shift//Delete – ‘Idiom’, Carrot, Stick, string, 2011

The Carrot or the Stick is a well know british saying for offering a combination of rewards or punishment to induce behaviour.

This duality of punishment or reward is evident in consumer culture via the communication of ideas and instructions via corporate advertising. Purchase things to feel happy, purchase things because you aren’t good enough. The message is the same, the tactics however differ. A chance of a short lived emotional reward for the correct behaviour. By installing the carrot and the stick on opposite sides of the bus stop advertisement, Shift//Delete reflect these oppositions in sculptural form. The casing itself is also similar to a photographers, light box, which is used within the advertising industry to photograph products, and select the desired images from photo shoots.

It is important to remember that you owe these advertising companies nothing. They exploit our innate human needs to feel connected to others and to have meaningful relationships with others. The lie is in the solution that they offer, the gaining of meaningful social relations via the purchasing of things. The advertisers have rearranged the world to put themselves in front of you, they never asked for your permission so Shift//Delete didn’t ask for theirs.

‘Idiom’ – Shift//Delete