New Via Grafik print // ‘Revolution je t’aime’

‘Ho ho ho – now i have a machine gun’

- John McClane, Die Hard, 1998

Alright folks, so christmas is coming… Cliff Richard lingers in the air like a vengeful fart…Your nan is sharpening her narcolepsy ready for big meal times… Mad pressures to show how much you love people with shit they will rarely use… yes tis the season. All we want for christmas is a bally and a molotov and we got ‘em courtesy of Via Grafik – one of Europe’s most influential graffiti crews.


‘Revolution, je t’aime’ // Via Grafik // £35


This month has been a busy one with O.TwoJago and Dan Birkbeck getting on board and we are now pleased to announce the release of a new Giclee print from Via Grafik entitled ‘Revolution, je t’aime’.

Via Grafik have been around for a little while now and since the late 90s they have been bringing their own unique crew styles to walls across Europe. Characterised by a pure fetish for the graphic, Via Grafik rapidly grew to develop a studio practice as awareness and interest in their styles and aesthetic increased.



With writers like Boe and Sign, Via Grafik’s symbiotic, design led approach to graffiti started to attract work from a variety of creative agencies. Their letter styles that differentiated them so clearly on walls made the transition onto screens as the crew started to produce a wide range of customised fonts and logotypes, gaining worldwide attention in the seminal ‘Los Logos’ series of books.


With exhibitions in America, China,  Europe and New Zealand, Via Grafik are showing no signs of slowing down. Their studio practices incorporate sculpture, motion graphics, typography, design whilst they still find the time to rock walls. Respects due.

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