Our studio needs you – 2 people needed in Upper Space…

We are looking for 2 people to take a desk in our new studio…

Upper Space is reaching out for 2 creative people to take some space in our new studio.

(don’t worry we  are getting rid of the purple lights and painting the space up…) 

We are offering:

- large desk space (on a rolling monthly basis

- internet

- giclee printing on our Epson 7890 at cost prices

- separate meeting room

- a sick kitchen…

Price = £85 per month (£3 a day)

Drop us an email on:


Drop in any time to check out the space and have a brew… We move in on the 4th of Feb and we have a good crew of folk who will be in the space making things happen.


10 mins walk from Piccadilly located in Ancoats. We are on the 4th Floor of AWOL studios with a big view of the city skyline.

AWOL Studios: