Our team specialises in delivering youth led participatory projects that challenge social and environmental injustice. Our outreach programmes often have a public realm, site-specific element that communicates the results of each project in order to engage with the wider public, to generate debate and reflection within the public sphere. In order to achieve this, Upper Space works alongside young people from areas of high deprivation in the creation of creative arts projects that combine the arts, social and the political. It is important to mention here that we define political as the choices we make as citizens in the country we reside in. Upper Space is not affiliated with any political party.

We deliver outreach projects that cover a variety of topics including but not limited to narratives of art activism, social change; cultural values; the environment; materialism and active citizenship. These projects aim to foster collaboration, divergent thinking and critical thinking as well as a healthy amount of creativity. Our unique approach to outreach utilises the arts a form of social agency, as a vehicle to imagining and achieving meaningful social change

Our previous partner organisations include the Public Interest Research Centre, RECLAIM, Manchester Libraries, People & Planet, Cultural Elevation as well as many youth centres and Pupil Referral Units within Greater Manchester.

All our outreach staff and facilitators have up to date safeguarding, anti-discrimination and health & safety training as well as up to date DBS clearance.

To enquire about our outreach services or request a copy of our latest evaluation report for our most recently completed outreach programme please email us at: