Politika // Emergency (Emergencia)


Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City has questioned some of the problematic aspects of capitalism. Throughout our programme we have brought in creative individuals and organisations who seek to use art for the greater good in the current state of emergency and engage participants in action.

Tracey Moberly // The Art of Protest Workshop – 27/09/14

Tracey Moberly joined us on 27th September to run a workshop on art as protest. Participating individuals were given an insight into her career and then took part in a workshop in which umbrellas were used as canvases for protest messages. The workshop encouraged visitors to think creatively about ways to spread their message and was a lot of fun. We had visitors returning the following day to finish making their umbrellas.

The workshop really resonates at the moment as thousands of protesters in Hong Kong use umbrellas to shield against pepper spray and tear gas.

umbrella_hong_kong (1)

Dan Glass // Read Your Own Reality Workshop – 28/09/14

On Sunday, Dan Glass of the Glass is Half Full came in to lead a workshop on art and activism and creative approaches to resolving a range of issues. We looked at a number of examples and worked in groups to think of ways we could work to raise awareness for causes we felt passionately about. It was really great to be able to share ideas with like-minded individuals and provided an excellent networking opportunity for creative minds who can support each others work in future.

Bez Talks Politics, Protest and Fracking – 28/09/14

We were really happy to be able to host Bez on Sunday as part of Emergencia day. Bez came in to speak about the Reality Party and the rights he feels all individuals should have. Not only is he a passionate anti-fracker, he is currently running in the local election in Salford and wants to provide free food, water and energy to the community. We support Bez in his endeavour to provide a sustainable future and equality of rights for the community.

In Place of War – 28/09/14

Inés Soria-Donlan came in to speak on behalf of In Place of War. The initiative is run by the University of Manchester and supports artists who are affected by conflict. They provide opportunities for various companies and individuals to connect and support each other in their creative practise. There were a lot of questions about how In Place of War facilitate this project and we hope to be able to support them in whatever way we can


Artists Assembly Against Austerity – 28/09/14

It was an absolute pleasure to host Season Bulter from the Artists Assembly Against Austerity. Season came to Manchester to take part in Emergencia Day and speak about who the Artists Assembly are and what they stand for. Upper Space fully support the Assembly and will do what we can to oppose austerity measures in the UK. As cuts continue to the art sector, more and more creative professionals are unable to support themselves and produce powerful and essential work. Thanks to Season for coming to Politika and all our speakers who are using art to take action. We hope that participants feel inspired and would like to thank them for coming along.