– Street Art meets Social Justice.



In 2011 the British government brought in devastating cuts to public spending in response to the financial deficit caused by a deeply flawed and unsustainable financial system.

As is always the case, the marginalised and poorest citizens of the nation feel the full effects of these changes. Upper Space worked alongside young homeless people in the city of Manchester – the UK’s fourth most deprived city, in the creation of street art interventions that critically engaged with the governments changes to the housing benefit system and Localism Bill whilst creatively challenging those responsible.

Where do the boundaries lie between artist and citizen, public & private, illegal and just? When do appropriate acts of citizenship that are unlawful become accepted and tolerated? ‘Home’ saw the emergence of a new space between all these notions, a ‘grey area’ that we occupied within the public realm for the benefit of those we had worked with and those we represented. Our interventions were technically unlawful yet morally our message was clear and our actions were accepted by the public. Now the question is not ‘can we change things?’, it is ‘how far can we now go?’. Introducing ‘Home’ where street art meets activism meets citizenship on the corner…


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