Robin Hood Minor Asset Management

As part of #Politika we welcome Robin Hood Minor Asset Management who are visiting the UK for the first time. Sign up for a one to one appointment with founder Jan Ritsema on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September.

Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative (RHMAM) is an asset management cooperative, based in Finland and owned by its members. They take pride in their Parasite Algorithm, which “identifies successful transactions by riding the coattails of successful investors.” Profits are then shared with “Robin Hood Projects,” including “grants for creative work, no interest loans, or anything else,” to be determined by the members of the cooperative.

Robin Hood Minor Asset Management

“Robin Hood is a counter investment cooperative of the precariat. Our business is minor asset management.”

Sign up for your chance to have a one to one chat with founder Jan Ritsema as part of an interactive installation in the gallery.

Slots are available between on Saturday 20th September (12pm – 5pm), and Sunday 21st September (12pm – 4pm) , before Jan delivers a presentation about RHMAM on Sunday evening.

We are looking for people from arts, academic, community, finance, charity and third sector networks to join Jan for an appointment in the gallery:

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