Saturday 27th // Sustainability in the City

Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City Day 9

For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats.

Join us on Saturday 27th September as we examine sustainability in the city.  We will not only give you an insight into innovative, contemporary projects; but will also be running a number of workshops to help you develop your own skills towards a sustainable urban future.

Guerilla Gardening and Community Food Growing Workshop


11am – 2pm

Be prepared to get your hands dirty this Saturday at Hope mill! Politika will be running an intimate, one of a kind guerilla gardening workshop and causing a little mischief around Ancoats. Everyone is welcome – kids and adults of all ages can come along and learn all about the importance of sustainable community gardening, environmental justice, and growing your own food basics.

We will be delivering some emotionally charged talks to get an understanding of why workshops like this are so crucial, and then getting mucky making seed bombs to disperse around the city. Wastelands and concrete deserts need brightening up with what was once in abundance: wild native flowers and edible foods. Join us to provoke change in people’s understanding of food growing and reconnecting with the environment.

Biospheric Foundation Presentation

2pm – 3pm

Vincent Walsh is the Founder and director of one of the most ambitious and innovative projects in Salford, The Biospheric Foundation. Vincent is coming to Politika to share his experiences and the tremendous amount the project has achieved since it started life in 2011. The Biospheric foundation is a socio-ecological urban research practice, providing a platform to develop research, design and enterprise through a prism of new ecological and technological urban culture.

The foundation has developed an array of hyper-localised production and distribution networks in the heart of Blackfriars, east Salford. These include a forest Garden, Vericulture(wormery), an in-house mushroom laboratory, a roof garden with honey bees and chickens, and an aqua-ponics system. There is an abundance to learn from the Biospheric Foundation, so this Saturday come join us for a great intimate learning experience.

Find out more about the Biospheric foundations work at

Make Do and Mend Workshop with Craptronix


3pm – 4pm

Join Craptronix on Saturday to learn new skills on essential electronic repair and maintenance – focusing on the environmental impact of electronic waste and the financial pitfalls of modern consumer electronics. Make do and mend can be applied to electronics to save both money and the environment.

In each session you will learn electronic fault finding, soldering, and begin to understand how to fix your own appliances at home. Make do and mend ideas are crucial to create a more sustainable future from the ‘disposable’ age in which we currently live.

The workshop by Craptronix, Manchester, is free to attend and will run from 3pm – 4pm, so come and learn new skills without emptying your pockets of shrapnel.

To find out more on Craptronix amazing work visit https//

Tracey Moberly Talk

4pm – 5pm

Tracey Moberly will lead a talk and workshop at the Engine Room about her career on the front-lines of arts and activism.

The acclaimed author of ‘Text Me Up’ is a former co-owner of the Foundry: an East London venue that was a strategic, underground, political enclave and became home to the G8 protest sector, many activist groups and a host of socio-political voices.

Tracey will provide an insight into her previous works, including eliminating Saatchi’s 18-30 billboards and instigating the Coca-Cola Nazi campaign following the deaths of eight bottle workers in Colombia. Her most recent collaboration was with comedian, Mark Thomas on ’100 Acts of Minor Dissent’.

Come to our exciting new space at 4pm and learn from the UAL Associate Lecturer and participate in her workshop.  Think of a phrase that highlights the theme of freedom of expression and bring an umbrella to use as your canvas. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with a leading art activist in rainy Manchester.

‘A River Changes Course’ Film Screening


Come to Politika this Saturday for the screening of a beautiful and moving documentary about the difficult lives of three young Cambodians, struggling to maintain their traditional way of life while the modern world closes in around them.

Deep in the jungle Sav Samourn struggles as large companies “progress” around her, claiming the life-giving forests. She discovers there’s little room for wild animals and the home she has always known.

In a fishing hamlet, Sari Math must quit school to help support his family, but as the fish catch dwindles, Sari and his family find their livelihood threatened.

In a village, Khieu Mok must leave to seek work in a Phnom Penh factory to help pay her family’s debts. City life proves no better, and Khieu struggles between her need to send money home and her duty to be with her loved ones.

From Cambodia’s forests to its rivers, from its idyllic rice fields to the capital’s pulsing heart, forces of radical change are transforming the landscape of the country and the dreams of its people. Don’t miss this powerful documentary, and to look into the lives of others affected by globalisation.