ShiftDelete – ‘Sign of the Times’, OccupyLSX, London

UK street artist and urban interventionists Shift//Delete hit up the London Stock Exchange this weekend as the OccupyLSX kicked off…

#OccupyLSX saw over 5ooo people gather at the gates of the city’s financial centre on Saturday demanding an end to shady financial practices and demanding that things start to change towards a truly global democracy – one removed from the vice-like control of financial institutions from the UK to America to the Middle East.

‘Sign of the Times’ - Shift//Delete, London Stock Exchange


Shift//Delete joined over 1000 people who camped over night to secure the square for the occupation. Shift//Deletetinstalled an unofficial street sign that renames Paternoster Square – the home of the London Stock Exchange, to Tahrir Square – a sign of the Occupy movements solidarity with the pro-democracy campaigners in the Middle East that saw the beginnings of what is now known as the Arab Spring. This has now grown into 950 global occupations of financial centres by citizens in over 80 countries as people start to move towards a true democracy.

In an exclusive statement to #Upper_Space, Shift//Delete says:

‘The bank crisis was caused by financial organisations like the London Stock Exchange – they are the banks; hedge funds;stock markets and speculators taking your money and manipulating it to create up to 10 times more electronic money. This money doesn’t even exist, its a number on a screen of some computer in an office, where coked up city boys takes huge risks.  They use it to bet and gamble, Las Vegas style and when these bets and gambles fail they ask governments for money to bail them out. The worst part is that your money is given to them by the governments that are supposed to protect you and your family from these well dressed gangsters.’



We like the style of this domestic extremist. We also like the fact that there are nearly 1000 people holding tight at the #OccupyLSX and this number can only grow – especially when the god squad of St.Paul’s cathedral – the owners of the land where the London occupation is camped release a statement that says they want the police to ‘move along’ and the protesters to stay. Its refreshing to see the Church of England step up to the plate and stop messing with kids or whatever.



Below is a video that shows whats going down at the LSX on day 1:

[cincopa AoEAyta3XbPF]