Sunday 28th // Emergencia Presents…

Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City // Day 10

For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats.


Exploring the art of activism, EMERGENCIA discuss the urgency for change & the emergence of a new type of uprising in the digital age.

‘Read Our Own Reality’ Workshop with Dan Glass

12pm – 1pm

On 28th September, join Dan Glass for ‘read our own reality’ and learn how to build successful campaigns, alliances and actions to empower people and capture the imagination. Dan’s activism has helped explode stigma, smash isolation and build strong and clear demands for social change. Join us as we celebrate our power in all creative forms: through performance, debate, storytelling and real engagement across communities. We invite you to this unique event as there is an urgent need for youth to speak up, listen and break the cultures of silence that help provoke oppression.

Dan co-founded ‘Let Freedom Ring!’, a training programme for community organising and social change. The founder of ‘The Glass Is Half Full’, a network dedicated to creatively and practically promoting social, environmental and racial justice, Dan’s activism is inspired by the philosophy ‘the biggest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is our minds’.

Spreading from South Africa to the UK, these human cannonball street activism tools are being built as part of the anti-austerity measures in the UK.

Bez (Happy Mondays) – Talk


Join us for an inspiring talk about protest, politics and fracking by Bez.

Bez is currently running as MP and has been passionately involved in anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss.

Don’t miss this insight into the morals and thoughts of a man in a position to make change.

The Future is Rising


2pm – 3pm

The Future is a global network of people who are fighting to save the future from climate change.

It is an uprising – a way to fight, to creatively disrupt, to make shit happen, to make cities stop - to warn people that their future is at risk and to give them tools to fight back.

The Future work with creative, irreverent people in cities across the planet: London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Tokyo. Their symbol is a circle drawn around the eye.  It means that we are connected to one another and that we are watching.  Watching to see if the people in power are going to do what’s needed to give us a future in which we can survive.

We are the resistance. We need your help. Manchester needs your help. Join the fight on Sunday at 2pm. Nicole Cataldo-Davies will guide you on your mission for salvation. The future is in your hands.

Find out more at

In Place of War Presentation

3pm – 4pm

Inés Soria-Donlan will speak about In Place of War (IPOW) – a research initiative at the University of Manchester that has sought to document and support theatre and performance projects in sites of contemporary armed conflict. She will outline the genesis of the project in Sri Lanka in 2000 and highlight the questions that the project has sought to answer.

With In Place of War she has researched and developed arts projects in conflict and disaster zones internationally. Her talk will include descriptions of arts programmes that IPOW has engaged with and discuss how these projects raise questions about the relationship between the arts and war that are relevant to practitioners, activists and researchers working across arts and culture more generally. The talk will end with an account of the present state of the project – from its work with social media, music festivals and online education.

Join us at 3pm for this insightful discussion.

Artists’ Assembly Presentation


Don’t miss your opportunity to engage with Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity. Goldsmith’s writer and academic, Season Butler will be speaking about the artistic movement as part of Politika – Art and the Affairs of the City.

Artists from across all disciplines have united to fight back against the dramatic cuts made by the current coalition government to public services, charities and the creative industries. More than 200 creative professionals, including exhibiting artist Peter Kennard, launched the movement to use their respective mediums and campaign against the austerity agenda. Artists, like many other groups, have been hit hard by the cuts and are now mobilising to affect real change. Inspired by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, their demands centre on four key issues: healthcare, education, housing and arts investment.

Learn how Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity are pushing back against the ConDem Government and how you can do the same. The First Things First Manifesto urges artists to use their mediums to create meaningful work and oppose the consumerist ideal. Do you have the courage to utilise your tools for a greater purpose?