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Creative action for climate justice: 18 actions against the fossil fuel industry

Blockades, shutdowns, lock-ons, love-ins, tripods and nanas…..Reclaim the Power’s day of action against the fossil fuel industry today (1 June 2015) saw 18 different actions drawing the dots between big energy firms, government ministers, public relations companies, oil arts sponsorship and the fracking industry. Let’s take a run-down of the day’s events… Action 1: 9.04am […]

POLITIKA // ‘Advertising Shits In Your Head’ – by Bill Posters


Intro: Amongst the artworks on display at Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City, Brandalism’s Bill Posters presents a previously unreleased video piece amongst the large scale, silk screen prints that have survived the latest onslaught by advertising corporations to remove them from public space earlier this year. Here Bill shares some theory […]

Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City


Contributing artists: Peter Kennard (UK) // Epos257 (CZ) // Ztohoven (CZ) // Chim-Pom (JP) // VOINA (RU) // Francisco Tapia (CHI) // Shift//Delete (UK) // Brandalism (UK+) // WochenKlausur (AT) // Bill Posters (UK) // Franck Allais (FR) // Leah Borromeo (UK) // Tracey Moberly // Steve Lambert (US) // Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative (FI) // The Vacuum Cleaner (UK) //  John Beieler (US) // Peter McNaughey (UK) // Ben Parry (UK) // Ed Hall (UK) + citizens of Manchester. Introduction: Upper […]