The 99%

These last few weeks have seen some exciting things happening in the heart of the American money machine – Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many genders, colours and political persuasions. The one thing they have in common is that they are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

Having seen the changes that have swept over several Middle Eastern countries in the past months in what has come to be known as the Arab Spring, where we have seen people gathering for change, not sure of how to achieve it but sharing the same feelings deep down that things need to be very different. We now see the same ideas and tactics coming home to roost in Wall Street – America’s financial heart. Originally, this movement of people gathered first in Tahrir Square, Egypt. After one week numbers had swelled to 250,000 people – all sick of the rising costs of basic food supplies and the losses of ¬†liberty ¬†- ‘a hungry man is an angry man’.



Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Israel, Algeria, Morroco, Palestine, the protests spread as more and more people found the courage to see things differently. Now these ideas have spread across the lands and seas to the west. The only differences being that we see our democracy as working, we don’t have such an obvious source of repression as the middle eastern countries did, we think we are free but we fail to see that our oppression is so much subtler, so much more advanced than what has been fought and changed in the Arab Spring. The ironic thing about what is now happening on Wall Street – the centre of American economic power, is that Wall street is a victim of its own manipulation. Prior to the Arab Spring demonstrations and uprisings, Wall Street and other major financial centres and stock exchanges needed a new cash cow to hedge their bets on. The Dot Com bubble had failed, so had the Housing bubble – the major trigger of the 2008 financial crisis. They needed another target for their speculations, and they chose food stocks – everybody needs to eat so there will always be money to be made. Right? Wrong. As their investment algorithms and hedge funds targeted food stocks in the Middle East it caused a 20% increase in basic food costs for the regular citizen in Egypt, Yemen and their bordering countries. That may not seem too much but considering that an average person in the Middle East was spending 80% of their income on rent and food, 20% is the rest. All gone. Done. In England a tenner gets you fuck all!

So it is ironic that something that Wall Street started fucking with 12 months ago has come full circle to where so much of the Arab Spring’s initial unrest emanated – The stock markets. Now people who are 99% of the American population have created Occupy Wall St. Despite being in the heart of America, it took the mainstream media 9 days to respond. No doubt the powers hoped it would fade away. It is now entering its third week and the numbers are growing. 700 arrested yesterday on the Brooklyn Bridge. This is not going to fade away.

The root cause of all of our problems – whether in the UK or thousands of miles away, our problems are the same…



Finance. Greed. Corruption. They are the 1%. We are the 99% regardless of which part of the world your parents were from. The same value systems, principles and policies govern most of the countries in the world now, the Soviet era died its death and Capital came to town, everywhere.

We are the 99%.

We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working increasingly long hours for little pay and no rights. We are getting nothing whilst the other 1% is getting everything.

Occupy Wall street is now supported by occupations in the following American cities – word up Los Angeles, Denver, Colorado, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and the list is growing…

London РOctober the 12th, get down and get involved, all you have to do is turn up. I for one am tired of this shit, so many friends with amazing skills unemployed, a slave to their debts, frustrated and tired. Occupy The City starts next week. The London Stock Exchange has taken the piss out of all of us for too long.

Here is the facebook link. 1091 and counting, even if you can’t be arsed going down on the saturday, click attending anyway if you think that things are fucked and show some support.

We are all the 99%.