Upper Space @ ‘Cultural Hijack’ Exhibition

Upper Space is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting some previous interventions at the AA Gallery in London as part of the ‘Cultural Hijack’ exhibition this April.

Artists exhibiting include the likes of ZEVS,  Krzysztov WodiczkoLaura KeebleAllan Kaprow, and our good friends ZtohovenSpace Hijackers and Peter Kennard for an exhibition that is a survey of public realm and interventionist art works from around the world. We are very excited about this one…

Cultural Hijack

26 April – 25 May 2013 AA Gallery, London.

Private View: Thursday 25 April 2013, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Open to the public from Friday 26 April to Saturday 25 May 2013 Opening times: Monday to Friday 10am – 7pm; Saturday 10am – 3pm

Cultural Hijack presents a survey of provocative interventions which have inserted themselves into the world, demanding attention, interrupting everyday life, hijacking, trespassing, agitating and teasing. Often unannounced and usually anonymous, these artworks have appropriated media channels, hacked into live TV and radio broadcasts, attacked billboards, re- appropriated street furniture, subverted signs, monuments and civic architectures, organised political actions as protest, exposed corporations and tax loopholes and revealed the absurdities of government bureaucracies.


Exhibition Press Release:

Cultural Hijack

26 April – 25 May 2013 AA Gallery, Front Members’ Room and in Bedford Square An exhibition at the Architectural Association, accompanied by a series of temporary public artworks, events and performances

Public Lecture: (un)CONVENTION, Friday 26 April 2013, 6pm, New Soft Room Events: A programme of temporary public artworks, events and performances accompanies the exhibition – for details please visit www.aaschool.ac.uk/exhibitions

ZEVS (FRAN), Ztohoven (CZEC), Krzysztof Wodiczko (POL), Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf (GER), Upper Space (UK), Gregory Sholette (USA), Michael Rakowitz (USA), Ben Parry (UK) & Peter McCaughey (IRE), Tatzu Nishi (JPN), Renzo Martens (BELG), Knit the City (UK), Peter Kennard (UK), Laura Keeble (UK), Allan Kaprow (USA), Tushar Joag (IND), Space Hijackers (UK), Paul Harfleet (UK), EPOS 257 (CZEC), Electronic Disturbance Theater (USA), Nina Edge (UK), Alan Dunn (UK), Paolo Cirio (ITA), Leah Borromeo & Dr. D (UK), BGL (CAN)

From the creation of insurgent public spaces to the playful disruptions of public life, Cultural Hijack – curated by artists Ben Parry and Peter McCaughey – explores the role of art and the artist in contemporary society and offers the opportunity to rethink the growing field of intervention in relation to cultural activism and social change.

Cultural Hijack occurs in three parts: a survey exhibition at the AA Gallery of documented artworks from across the globe, supported by a programme of artists’ talks; a programme of live-interventions, in which artists arrive in London to agitate and infiltrate the urban territory, starting in Bedford Square and moving out across the city; and CON(tra)VENTION, in which the programme culminates in a carnival weekend of lectures, symposia, screenings, participatory actions, interventions, dinners and debate.

The exhibition positions itself at the intersection of art, politics and social justice in this historic moment, as we witness a rising tide of global resistance to neoliberal capitalism through an expanding ‘movement of movements’, from Zapatismo to the Arab Spring, from alternative G8 summits to Occupy Wall Street. In the shadows of this mass-mediated movement, artists join in the writing of alternative histories, the reclamation of our rights to the city and the unfinished project of the revolution of everyday life.

Cultural Hijack addresses what it means to intervene, to insert cultural experiments without warning or consent, and asks: do small acts of resistance and creative disruption feed an appetite for real alternatives to neoliberal capitalism and what might the tools, tactics and poetics of the interventionist artist – who exposes the blind spots and plays in the cracks of capitalist ideology – offer the insurgent imagination of activism and social movements?

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For further details please contact: Sebastian Craig, Exhibitions Co-ordinator, sebastian.craig@aaschool.ac.uk, 020 7887 4001

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