Wednesday 24th // Activism in the Digital Age

Politika – Art & the Affairs of the City // Day 5

For all events please meet at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats.


On Wednesday evening, as part of Politika, we will be examining how activism is moving forward in the digital age.  Join us to engage with leading, innovative arts activists in a series of talks and workshops, and learn how to protect yourself in the digital era.

Susan O’shea


What is the nature of our social networks? Today it seems there is increasing need to operate activist groups like covert networks, where we keep our friends close, but our enemies closer.

Susan O’shea is a University of Manchester sociology lecturer, who has written some incredibly interesting articles on social networks and similar themes. She will be giving a presentation in Hope Mill on Wednesday at 6pm.

Be sure to be there, it’s going to be very interesting.

Ztohoven Presentation



Ztohoven are a Czech art collective who will be exhibiting their project, entitled “Moral reform” here at the Engine Room in Ancoats.

They have often been described as being guerilla activists with a somewhat relentless desire for their views to be heard.

The “Moral Reform” was executed by “spoofing” a number of Government officials and members of parliament by sending them 585 messages to inspire a reform of the current system.

There will follow a Q&A session in which you are invited to ask them all the questions that come to mind after hearing their story.

Crypto Party


Ever feel like your data is unsafe? Your documents, your passwords or bank details? Installing encryption technology can be a way around feeling insecure.

Come to our Crypto party this Wednesday at 9pm to learn all the top tips to help protect yourself on your devices and make yourself feel safer when using technology.

The workshop will be lead by the leaders of Upper Space and a number of encryption experts. This event is open to anyone, from technological wizards to everyday beginners. Internet security is hugely important with growing cases of sites being hacked and data being stolen, it’s best to be protected!

Please Bring a laptop to participate in this workshop.

Bitcoin Workshop


Manchester Bitcoin is a group of Bitcoin miners, collectors and sellers who meet regularly to discuss the currency. Bitcoins are a digital, crypto currency that are used to purchase merchandise online. There is much dispute about whether they should be seen as real currency considering they can only make purchases digitally.

We will be hosting a workshop with Manchester Bitcoin this Wednesday in Hope Mill, and invite you to come take part. Whether you’re Bitcoin obsessed or just want to find out more, all are welcome and it would be great to see you there!

Please bring a laptop to participate in this workshop.